Group Booking Agreement

Thank you for wanting to spend the day with us at the Revelstoke Golf Course. We want you and everyone around you to enjoy your day here. Some of the expectations of our Members and Staff have here at RGC are as follows:

  1. Respect the staff and the rules of the club.
  2. Respect the golf course, property, and golf carts.
  3. Zero tolerance to outside alcohol, this violates our liquor License and can shut us down.
  4. Staying in your assigned 4 some and not joining up into 5 somes, 6 somes etc..

As the booking member of this group, you are responsible for letting everyone know in your party the above rules. If any person in this party violates any of the above rules, they will be asked to leave the property with no refund and puts the rest of the group in jeopardy of the same.

Please note, everyone who books their group in always says their group will behave but there always seems to be that one person who ruins the day for everyone, please don’t bring that guy!! We have had to create this zero tolerance policy because of that.

*Please note that a Credit Card Number will be required for Cart & Rental Club Damage