Revelstoke Golf Club Covid-19 Policy

As always, the health and well-being of our staff and residents remains our top priority. We continue to receive directions and guidance from the Provincial Health Authorities.

We believe that golf can follow all the important Covid-19 precautions and physical distancing requirements and allow for much needed exercise and mental health benefits.

We appreciate the understanding and discipline of everyone to follow the guidelines below to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Not Feeling well?
Plain and simple- If you do not feel well, STAY HOME. Come join us when you are feeling better.

Physical Distancing
6 feet, 2 meters Please keep your distance from others at all times.

Things you Can’t touch
Flagsticks, cups, other players equipment, other players (no shaking hands or high fives)

Things you CAN touch
Your own clubs, bag and equipment, your sanitised golf cart

In addition, here are some of the temporary rules to keep us all safe:

  • If you have a cough, fever, difficulty breathing or have been in contact with someone that is not feeling well, do not come to our facility; we do not want you to spread the infection.
  • If you are under quarantine (travelled within the last 14 days) or anyone in your household is either under quarantine or has contracted COVID-19 do not visit the course.
  • Golfers must book a tee time by phone in order to play, no walk ins allowed
  • Tee times will be 9 minutes apart
  • Power carts can be shared if you are riding with someone in your bubble (golfer to clean all garbage out and place into proper receptacles)
  • Power Carts will be washed and sanitized after every use
  • Golfers are not to show up any earlier than 30 minutes from there tee time (memberships must be prepaid be prior to first tee time) This process can take too long at the counter.
  • No congregating in the parking lot will be allowed
  • Driving range and all putting greens will be open- No congregating is allowed
  • Restaurant is closed for indoor dinning- take out and patio service will be available
  • Only 2 people allowed in the golf shop with 1 staff member to handle transaction- Mask Mandatory while indoors
  • Encourage golfers to bring their own sanitizer and to use it each and every time they touch a foreign surface (Pro Shop door, washroom door, golf cart)
  • Course playing assistant (Marshall) to drive around periodically to make sure physical distancing in enforced
  • Continuous putting with 2-foot “gimmes” to allow for proper “physical distancing on the greens”.
  • Flagsticks are to remain in the hole. Cups have cut pool noodles for your protection. Please pick ball out safely, using your fingers (1/2 of the ball sticks out of the hole)
  • Do not shake hands at the beginning or end of your round of golf — instead opt for a smile, greeting or thanks from a distance.
  • If using a power cart, ensure that your cellphone and personal property remain in your golf bag as much as possible away from high-contact areas of the cart.
  • Sand bottles will be removed from carts