May Ladies Golf Clinics

May Ladies Golf Clinics – Thursday Evenings

These Ladies clinics will run on Thursday evenings throughout the month of May.
Each week will focus on a different aspect of the game.
Work your way out from green to tee:

Week 1 – Putting and Chipping: Short game improvement, balanced feet, and tempo. Club analysis, picking correct clubs.
Week 2 – Bunker and Short game: Choosing irons, making correct contact with ball in the sand.
Week 3 – Irons: Ball striking, solid contact. Grip Stance Posture
Week 4 – Driver: Grip it and Rip it! Let the big dog eat! Posture, Balance, Follow Through.

$99.99 + gst for all 4 weeks.

Total Entries: 18 (0 spots available)
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